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All About Taito

Taito has been a shining beacon of success in the computer games industry for several years now.

Founded in the year 1953 by a Russian Jewish man named Michael Kogan, Taito Corporation was initially called the Taito Trading Company. the company started out with the manufacture of jukeboxes (elaborate electronic machines, usually installed in public entertainment places like bars and clubs and which feature a list of songs, with a specific amount of money that can be fed to the machine in exchange of playing a certain song, of the person's choice), and vending machines (these are also set up in publicly accessible places and they have slots for inserting currency, whereby the person can obtain a drink, or candy).

It was only in the 1960s, that Taito Trading Company started producing their own arcade games (which in turn encompassed everything starting from video games to pinball machines, redemption games and merchandisers). It was in the year 1973 that the company developed its first real arcade video game, which was followed by the modification of the company's name, which hitherto came to be known as Taito Corporation.

The early 1980s are popularly referred to as the Golden Age of arcade video games (mostly because around this time period, the quality and popularity of these kinds of games attained the zenith of their success). What is most remarkable is that the business enterprise that is primarily accredited with ushering in this era of awesomeness in the gaming industry, is none other than the Taito Corporation.

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The company released its hugest commercial success Space Invaders (designed by the genius game developer Toshihiro Nishikado), in the year 1979, therefore earning fame as the reviver of the arcade gaming industry. In the game, which was two-dimensional, and featured a shooter at the bottom of the screen, the player had to attack incoming alien vehicles with a laser cannon and score points, the levels of difficulty increasing with the succeeding levels of the game.

Other popular games that have been popularised by this company, include Speed Race (released in 1974 as a video racing game and introducing, for the first time, the use of scrolling graphics in game software), Gun Fight (developed by Nishikado in the year 1975), and Qix (released in the year 1981 and featuring a fencing off game where the player moves a marker around the screen and attempts to claim as much space as possible by drawing Stix).


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